How To Choose Souvenirs Wisely

I’m one of those girls who likes shopping surprise surprise. In order to prevent myself from accumulating half of every city I visit, I’ve implemented a first-thought-when-seeing-desired-object rule that’s worked very well for me over the years: only acquire what you love at first sight OR what makes you laugh at first sight.


When to acquire based on the first-thought-when-seeing-desired-object rule:

  1. “I must have this” AND “This would be so useful”
  2. “This is awesome, so-and-so would LOVE it.”
  3. “This is hilarious, I need to take photo” (chances are you will end up showing friends back home this hilarious item for years to come and wish every time that you had the actual item to show instead of a photo)

When not to acquire based the first-thought-when-seeing-desired-object rule:

  1. “I must have this” BUT “I don’t ever see a use for it”
  2. “This is pretty nice…maybe…?”
  3. “I think so-and-so would like this…maybe…?”


If you take away nothing else, remember these golden rules of souvenir shopping:
RULE #1 If you need to think about it, chances are you’re not going to miss not having it.
RULE #2 If it makes you laugh and doesn’t take up much room, chances are you’ll regret not getting it.

I laughed when I saw this shirt in Bangkok in 2011 but never did buy it. To this day, I wish I did. Maybe I can find it again next time I’m over there…

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