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Some Photos of the Beautiful Remnants of Old Portugal

Macau is a former Portuguese colony from the mid-16th century. It was the last remaining European colony in Asia when it was transferred back to China in late 1999. Due to its long-standing ties with Portugal, Portuguese influence can be see throughout region, from its food to its roadways to its architecture. Romantic old Portuguese […]

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Langkawi Eagle Square

‘Langkawi’ is derived from the Malay words ‘helang’ (eagle) and ‘kawi’ (reddish brown). On the south eastern tip of the island is a large sculpture dedicated to the reddish brown eagle lang-kawi and one of the island’s most recognizable icons. It was a hot and bright February day when I putted up to Langkawi Eagle […]

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The View From The Top of the Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is an engineering marvel and a quintessential modern landmark of Singapore. The deck at the top of the Sands is a must-see with incredible panoramic views of downtown Singapore. Guests at the hotel and VIPs are able to access the infinity pool overlooking the city but since I was neither a hotel […]

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Can I Interest You In Scorpions on a Stick?

Scorpions on a stick. They. Are. Everywhere. Stall after stall, food cart after food cart, row after row, glistening under spotlights, inviting locals to stop by for a crunchy snack or tourists to wrinkle their noses and take a photo for the sheer novelty of the idea that Chinese people like to eat strange creatures […]

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From the Airport to the Andaman Sea

I arrived in Langkawi and was looking forward to relaxing after the blur of the bustling city that was Singapore. This was one of the splurge parts of my vacation where I booked a resort hotel called The Andanman which is tucked away from the main parts of the island. The Andaman Hotel is located down […]

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What is ‘Needle Butt’?

Needle Butt, or 屁股長針 (pì gu zhang zhen) is a Chinese saying literally translated to “needles growing out of one’s butt.” This means that, due to the prickle of all the needles on the butt, the sufferer is unable to sit still for long periods of time because…well…it’s uncomfortable. I’m not sure exactly where my […]

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I LOVE MONKEYS! (and you should too)

Monkeys are everywhere in Bali, especially at the temples. You are often warned when venturing into monkey territory to avoid wearing hats or glasses, because the devious little things can and will swoop down from the trees, take your head/face-wear, and hold it for food-related ransom. Or they’ll simply swipe your food if you have […]

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