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The Taiwanese Are Politer Than Canadians

It’s a fact. Don’t try to argue with me on this one because you won’t win. The idea that Canadians are polite is obviously only endorsed by those who have never been to Taiwan. The Taiwanese are not simply polite. They are polite. Here are some examples: Politeness on Public Transit On the Taipei Metro, […]

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How To Choose Souvenirs Wisely

I’m one of those girls who likes shopping surprise surprise. In order to prevent myself from accumulating half of every city I visit, I’ve implemented a first-thought-when-seeing-desired-object rule that’s worked very well for me over the years: only acquire what you love at first sight OR what makes you laugh at first sight.   When […]

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Pack Light! What to Check and What to Carry-On

There is no way to truly understand how important it is to pack light until you’re jet-lagged, haven’t slept in 3 days and trying to lug your suitcases through foreign streets in weather you’ve never experienced. Unless you’re vying to be Miss Universe and have weeks of all-day public appearances, you really don’t need 5 […]

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About Grace

Hi, I’m Grace! Welcome to Girl Gone Wandering! You probably stumbled upon this page through one of my posts want to know a bit more about the person behind the sometimes sarcastic, sometimes somber voice. I am: Canadian-identified—born in Los Angeles, USA to Taiwanese parents, grew up in Vancouver, Canada That person at barbeques who […]

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Views of the Eiffel Tower

One thing I didn’t know was that the Eiffel Tower sparkles at night with a multitude of flashing lights. I also learned that the Parisians hate that their tower sparkles and hate that tourists love their tower so much that it was decided sparkles would be added to appease those hated tourists even more. For […]

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A Few Memories of Italy From My High School Self

A few things I can mention from my high school trip were that I went to my first nightclub when in Rome, escorted by my high school teachers who were along for the trip and that Italian boys are uncomfortably friendly. Also, I experienced a very otherworldly moment while sitting on the outer walls of a […]

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Saving California

A poem for a special someone about finding love and acceptance while feeling heartbroken beyond repair. Saving California We warmed the sands of English Bay until the sun set— two west coast kids too soon grown out of their youth, after 5 with a cheap bottle of rum, quarter-pack of marbs, and Bob Marley in […]

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