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2 Visits To The Netherlands, in Photos

Amsterdam (Visit 1) Amsterdam was the first stop on my 2015 Euro trip. Before I left, I was told that Amsterdam might as well have been designed by spiders and that I should be prepared to get lost. I landed at Schiphol Airport on cool day in July, took the Intercity train into Amsterdam, and fell in […]

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Why I Am Ready To Join The Vancouver Exodus

Or, Why I Am On The Brink of Becoming An Expat It was one of those Sundays in early January when you wake up to bright, stark sunlight streaming through your blinds. My fellow Vancouverites might know the one. It’s been grey and dreary for months. You open your curtains to a brave new world and see, […]

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Spanish Ports and The Canary Islands, in Photos

Barcelona Before I left on my 2015 Euro trip, I asked for suggestions on must-see European cities and the answer was a resounding “Barcelona! You have to go to Barcelona!” In fact, enough people seemed in love with Barcelona that I considered staying there for a month to recuperate from intensive traveling before I was […]

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Travel Aftermaths: You Can Never Really Go Home Again

There’s a part of traveling that people don’t talk about: perhaps the hardest part. Yes, we live in a global society where words like “travel” and “wanderlust” and sayings like “not all those who wander are lost” are thrown about so much they have become cringe-worthy clichés. Books like Eat, Pray, Love glamorize the idea of […]

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The Politics of “Chinese Taipei”

Firstly, “Chinese Taipei”=Taiwan. The title “Chinese Taipei” appears at international sporting events, conferences, and beauty pageants, carried largely by Mandarin-speakers of Chinese descent from the island of Taiwan. It was designed by the People’s Republic of China (mainland China) to deliberately cause confusion in its continued efforts to maintain international belief that Taiwan is a […]

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Timeline of My 2015 Travels

We’ve been searching for so long To find the place where we could belong We always dreamed of better things to come And turned our faces towards the sun We follow the light that we see in the dark And keep on going till it catches spark I believe there’s a change to come We’ll […]

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