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5 Days At EDC 2013 – Day 1

Getting To Vegas In the year that had passed between EDC 2012 and EDC 2013, the music festival culture had quickly become all the rage, meaning that flights and hotels surrounding EDC Week had gone up in price. However, it was still several hundred dollars cheaper to cross the border into the US and fly […]

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Sailing Vancouver Coasts In Late Spring

Just over the weekend, I found myself on a sailboat. Considering my invite was from a friend who is the mature, professional type, I wasn’t quite expecting the sailboat to be loaded with 30 young party people and gallons upon gallons of alcohol. But who’s complaining? Boats of a certain size aren’t permitted to dock […]

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The Market Built on an Active Railroad in Bangkok

The Maeklong Railway Market is a rather unique attraction in that multiple trains pass through the center of the busy market every day. What is probably the most surprising part about the market is that the shops and vendors aren’t set up around it rather than right on the railway tracks. When there is no train passing through, […]

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Amphawa Floating Market and a Sunset Firefly Cruise

The Amphawa Floating Market is a series of shops, bridges, and walkways along the Amphawa Canal and is the second largest floating market in Bankok, located some 50 km outside of the city. As opposed to the touristy Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa draws mostly local visitors. I boarded an organized minivan tour on Khaosan Street that […]

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Visits To Balinese Temples

Balinese Hinduism is a form of Hinduism practiced by the majority of people in Bali and religious events are often observed in Balinese temples known as Puras. Temples of varying sizes can be found around the island, thus earning it the nickname “The Island of a Thousand Puras.” One thing to note when visiting Balinese […]

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EDC Week 2012

Getting Ready Soon after our festival tickets, flights, and hotels were booked, the girls of the group going to EDC went shopping for daisies, rhinestones, and beads to make costumes and kandi. We had been excitedly looking up outfit references and planning our own. Dressing for a rave is sort of like dressing for Halloween: […]

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Kopi Luwak Coffee AKA Cat Poop Coffee

I had heard stories before that the supposed best coffee in the world is made out of coffee beans eaten and then pooped out by a weasel/cat-like creature. I immediately wrinkled and nose and said there was no way I was drinking anything derived from poop no matter how good it’s claimed to taste. However, […]

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A Stroll Through Times Square

No first trip to New York is complete without a stroll through Times Square. The locals all hate it and avoid the area at all costs but being a tourist, various destinations are located within a few blocks of Times Square, so I found myself walking through its crowded streets often during my time in […]

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A Tiny Kitten At Tegalalang Rice Terrace

It’s hard to picture Bali without thinking about its characteristic rice terraces. Of the numerous rice terraces on the island, the one at Tegalalang Village between Ubud and Kintamani is most well-known. I stopped by the Tegalalang Rice Terrance as the first stop on a day tour provided by one of the many private drivers on the […]

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